Aviation City

Aviation City - Kamra

Project Location: Kamra, Pakistan
Area: 9,682 Kanals
Services Offered: Soil Investigations, Hydrological Study, Site Analysis, Relief Analysis, Conceptual Planning, Zoning, Detailed Master Planning, Infrastructure Services Engineering Design Including Water Supply System Sewerage System, Drainage System, External Electrification.

About Project:

The main concept of aviation city revolves around the basic theme of providing this fancy destination, a rich experience with the camaraderie, comfort and facilities to live a full life out of uniform. The propose layout enriches the sense of place while offering exceptional views and vistas. It augments economic stimulus, education, and most importantly – community pride. The project is not limited to volumes and facades, instead the quality of life of users and the quality of environment generated in the design crux. The combination of loops and interconnected trunk traffic corridors define the basic structure of the plan. The circular city inspired a radial pattern of development. The radial pattern of development is found in all major eras from Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians leading all the way up till the 1900’s industrial revolution. Over decades, radial pattern was criticized for it’s non-functionality, limit of growth and wastage of land. The grid iron pattern was developed and fused overtime with the grid making the fused grid. The evolution of physical form of city continued and linear pattern of street development develop. It was fused with the grid. Respecting natures physical form gave birth to curvilinear pattern of development and focus on functionality and accessibility introduced loops and lollipops. The real estate venture also aims at providing world class 18 hole golf course, club houses and high street commercials. higher order facilities like central park, air medical complex, international level university, health complex and recreational facilities are also aimed to be provided.