Architectural Design Services

Residential Housing Projects

The Urban Solutions has extensive experience in the designing of Residential Housing Projects. In every way, the design team is dedicated to the aims of sustainable development. We offer timely execution of tasks and use advanced software for designing. This encompasses the physical and social sustainability requirements of the environment in which we live.

Residential Apartment Complexes

The Urban Solutions is able to provide Residential Apartments Complexes Design Service as per the precise requirements of the clients due to our honest company principles. Our team of experts provides outstanding advice and solutions to questions about the development of the structure. Before planning the apartment, our team thoroughly investigate the location, come up with ideas and work with the mutual understanding with the client. So, if you want us to design Residential Apartment Complex. Give us a visit at our office and discuss your expectations from us. We will not let you down and give the results to the best of our capabilities.

Commercial and Retail Projects

The Urban Solutions is known as a reputable Design Consultant who provide unique, cost-efficient and sophisticated layout designs of Commercial and Retail Projects. Our client is our first priority so we not only Provide outstanding responses to clients' design questions but also make the best use of the limited area.

Corporate and Executive Offices

Mosques and other amenity buildings

Mosques are an important Islamic tradition that stems from the requirement for a venue to perform community activities. The objective of mosques is to provide a clean and safe space for Muslims to worship, as well as to encourage learning about Islam. We feel that such facilities should be designed. We are happy to work with clients to design and build their Mosque projects. Our team of architects is continuously on the lookout for new ways to build sacred spaces that are both beautiful and useful. We also offer the services of designing other amenity building like shopping malls, libraries, a communal lounge, personal service shop, convenience commercial, swimming pool, recreation space, fitness space, learning space, etc.

Project Entrance Gates and Monuments

We all understand that the first impression is the last impression. The gate of a housing scheme or any entrance gate is the impression of the whole building or structure. The client wants it to be perfect and The Urban Solutions offer this service with full confidence. Our team of architects come up with the best ideas and design to interpret the whole theme which client required. Other than this we also offer the service of the designing of the monuments.