Infrastructure and Services Design

Topographic Surveys & Geo-technical Investigations

Topographic surveys are carried out by our qualified team of site engineers and survey professionals.
The purpose of conducting these surveys is to determine the land features, the layout of the high and low points, determine the flow direction of water and finally to design the future residential, and road profiles of the emerging city or town.
The topo-survey as it is called, is the first step towards the development of a holistic urban design for any proposed site.
If you wish to conduct a topo-graphic survey on your site, let us know! We can have our site engineers and survey staff visit your site and develop a quote as well as a proposal as per your requirements.
For details about developing your customized Topographical Survey quote, please visit the contact section of our website.

Hydrologist Studies

The availability of ground water and fresh water around any site has to be determined before the planning of any major urban development work can be undertaken. Being Urban Planners we are mindful of the higher levels of environmental consciousness that are expected from us. We know that before we develop any plan for a new city, town or community, we have to ensure that not only is it environment friendly but also sustainable keeping in view the natural water resources of the area. It also must not mitigate the availability of water to the local flora and fauna. We have renowned environmentalists as well as hydrologists on our panel who help us in conducting these studies. Once we determine the hydrology requirements, then we can start planning as to how the house hold fresh water needs of every housing unit will be met. As town planners, The Urban Solutions has been part of a number of environmentally friendly projects. For details about our project, you can visit our Projects Page.


During the course of any project, such a housing society or Urban development work, one of the primary considerations is the requirement for earth work, and depending on that the requirement for earth moving machinery that needs to be employed. When the town planner proposes various roads, streets and profiles, the requirements for the earth work get defined automatically. As urban planners, we keep in mind that earth work must be kept to a minimum, while ensuring the aesthetic and scenic beauty of the project.
As developers of the project are greatly impacted by the cost of the Earth work involved, therefore we can provide detailed working and estimates as required by our clients.

Water Reticulation Networks

Pakistan is a water stressed country and on top of that, mismanagement of fresh water resources and absence of adequate water storage reservoirs means that all the water available has to be managed properly. That is where is the role of The Urban Solutions comes in to play.
Being the leading Urban Design firm of Pakistan, we take extra care in ensuring that every housing project, city or town that we design utilizes water to the optimum level, by ensuring by-laws for sensible water consumption per household.
We are working towards a better future for everyone, by making sure that water reticulation networks in Pakistan are at par with the international standards.

Sewerage System

With the design of any modern housing project, the design of its waste management systems is also carried out. Catering for the needs of the entire project, we develop sewerage and draininage systems that are cost effective and sustainable. That can meet the requirements of the proposed useage and projected residents over a long period of time. Most housing projects fail to properly project their requirements, and therefore end up with problems with their sewerage and drainage. The Urban Solutions ensures that these potential problems are taken in to consideration at the design stage.

Drainage System

Are you unable to find the right resources who will be able to cater to your drainage design service requirements? Then, don’t worry. We have got you covered.
The Urban Solutions is one such service provider that can meet all of your drainage design needs in one place. On board, we have professionals who use the most up-to-date and highest-quality civil engineering tools and technologies to satisfy our client. Drainage Layout Plan, Hydraulic Statement (Drainage), Structural Drawings of proposed drains of various sorts, and Typical Drawings are some of the services we provide.

Water Storage Reservoirs

Are you looking for the best Water storage facilities (tanks/reservoirs) design? Then you are at the right place.
The Urban Solutions provide you the design of Water Storage Reservoir System design made by our professionals to make your life easier. We fully understand that storage reservoirs are critical components of water distribution system. So, the reservoir we design are meant to offer daily supply, emergency storage, pressure balance, and daily water use.

Water & Sewage Treatment Facilities

In a world where environmental regulations are constantly changing and facilities need to adjust, you want to work with a team that can design your local water and sewerage treatment facility that meet environmental standards.
The Urban Solutions offers the best water and sewerage treatment facility design services that includes water and Sewerage System Layout Plan, Hydraulic Statement & Calculations, General Details related to Sewerage System, Ultimate out fall disposal arrangements, Typical Drawings, Epanet Report for the calculation of flow and pressure, Design of Overhead, Under Ground Tank and Complete water demand calculations.

External Electrification Plans

Are you worried about the external electrification plan of your building or project? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.
The Urban Solutions provides the External Electrification Plan in Eco Friendly Mode to its clients. We deliver the most cost-effective solutions for external electrification plan since we focus on quality rather than quantity.

Cost Estimation, Tender Documents & B.O.Qs

Tendering is a crucial phase in construction projects because it allows for a fair comparison of multiple offers. During the tendering process, project owners provide bidding contractors with a Bill of Quantities (BOQ). The BOQ is a document that breaks down the scope of the project into work items and quantities, ensuring that all contractors quote the same amount of work. The BOQ may also be used to estimate how project expenses will be dispersed over time, making it a useful planning tool. We fully understand the importance of the tender documents and BOQs and make it easier for you by offering these services at the Urban Solutions.