Planning and Design Services

Urban planning / Master planning

Our approach to planning is decision oriented: We believe that planning information must be structured to provide to provide relevant support for decision-makers, the very foundations of the planning process. Whether determining the goal of a development project, designing landscape plans, guiding a master planning effort, or determining housing needs, The Urban Solutions is highly skilled at presenting decision makers with timely advice through a process involving data gathering, analysis, goal formulation and a systematic search for planning solutions shaped by consensus at all levels.
This ability has enabled clients to determine and reach planning goals, resolve disputes and set forth clear paths for their futures.

Commercial Area planning

The future and sustainability of any housing project is determined by how well the commercial area of the project is able to attract investors, and at the later stage, how well the commercial areas are able to develop to meet the needs of the residents. So therefore, at both the stages, that is during development and later on as an established adobe, the commercial areas of the project remain the key determinants of the success of the project.
At Urban Solutions, we ensure that the commercial design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also that the commercial areas are in tune with the aspirations of the residents. Tomorrow, the shop owners and businessmen who will be running businesses will find the design as per their social norms, and requirements of their businesses.

Landscape Planning

At Urban Solutions, Urban landscape planning is a mandatory part of all urban plan. For Us, it is a visual representation of natural elements drawn aesthetically with street furniture including irrigation & lighting focused on developing an ecologically and environment-friendly low carbon city.
One artist aesthetically combines urban public space & built environment with the natural environment enhancing visual amenity.

Land Use Planning

Proposing an orderly development and ensuring effective utilization of land resource, from urban to agriculture land use, is fundamental principle of planning for Us. Land use planning is used as a tool here for identifying potential. Land use alternatives while achieving efficiency sustainability and equity in planning. One planning philosophy focuses on finding a balance b/w competing and complimenting, contradictory or mutually exclusive land uses. Land use planning process is also utilized by us in translating physical, social and economic regulations and policy actualization.

Housing Scheme Layout Plans

Housing & real estate development is a strength at urban solutions. We have one of the best planning teams hand on with latest technologies and creative ideas for housing scheme layouts. Our planning & designing is user inclusive, creating a responsive environment and interactive spaces for end users. Our plans are walkable and encourage cycling. Purpose-built play grounds and parks are provided for public day to day activities and entertainment. Impulsive shops, educational and religions amenities within walkable catchments encourage walkability, pedestrianization and cycling opportunities. smart growth initiatives and strategies are translated into physical designing of schemes. Focus is on achieving safety and beauty in design while providing convenience and comfort.

Site Development Plans

The Urban Solutions approach to site development is to deliver all of your proposed modifications on the intended property in a timely and effective manner. This strategy is based on a thorough awareness of standards as well as well-balanced design teams that concentrate on well-organized and cost-effective site development plans. In a nutshell, we offer the service of Site development Plan that is both functional and sustainable.