Our Services

Keeping in view the growing demand of housing in Pakistan, and the challenges the economy is facing, our team is committed to provide a full spectrum of Urban Planning and architectural solutions to our clients. The services industry, particularly the domain of Urban Planning requires the use of modern, state of the art concepts to decrease project execution costs, while at the same time optimizing returns for stake holders. Keeping that perspective in mind, the services that we provide have been categorized into the following major categories:

Urban planning and design services

  • Urban planning / Master planning
  • Housing Scheme Layout Plans
  • Site Development Plans
  • Commercial Area planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Planning

Infrastructure and Services Design

  • Topographic Surveys & Geo-technical Investigations
  • Hydrologist Studies
  • Earthworks
  • Water Reticulation Networks
  • Sewerage System
  • Drainage System
  • Water Storage Reservoirs
  • Water & Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • External Electrification Plans
  • Cost Estimation, Tender Documents & B.O.Qs

Architectural Design Services

  • Residential Housing projects
  • Residential Apartment Complexes
  • Corporate and Executive Offices
  • Mosques and other amenity buildings
  • Project Entrance Gates and Monuments
  • Commercial and Retail projects

Construction Supervision Services

  • Road Works Construction Supervision
  • Infrastructure Construction Supervision
  • Houses & Building Works Construction Supervision

Interior Design Services

  • Detailed house interiors
  • Corporate and executive officer interiors
  • Amenities, hospitals, hotels and restaurants interior décor